Chefs are the Rock Stars of the Restaurant Industry!

Special Chef clothing make your Restaurant Special…..absolutely!

The Modern Chef needs Modern Chef Apparel……no doubt!

The chef coat was originally developed to be very functional. The double-breasted front, for example, was originally intended to provide essentially two fronts. When the exposed front became dirty, it then could be tucked under the other. This allowed for more usage without unnecessary cleaning of the chef coat. Today most chefs just put on a bib apron to block splashes, spills and debris. The two layers of cotton also were thought of to help protect the chef’s body from the high heats at and around the ovens and cook tops. Hot liquid was also screened by the multiple levels of cotton before it could come in contact with the skin.

Chefs, like many other professionals, don their uniforms just about every day of their working lives, complete with double-breasted coat, chef toque (hat), baggy pants and a bib apron. Though these uniforms are ever-present in the kitchens around the world, they are generally put on without a lot of reflection. From the back of the house to the front of the house, if a chef is wearing an apron he/she is not likely to remove their bib apron.

The most obvious place for an apron is in the kitchen. But the hassle of taking off a bib apron, for appearance sake of the customers is a lot to ask of very busy chef. No matter how neat a cook you are, splashes and spills will invariably happen. A nice white apron can make anyone feel like a master chef, but few stay white long in the kitchen. But white aprons are also easy to clean since stains can be bleached out without fading colors. Bib aprons keep your chef whites covered while you prepare meals for your customers.

Chef whites are an important source of clothing when you are working in a hot kitchen, it’s important that you buy the right chef wear when shopping on line. There are many chef whites supplier you can find on the internet who offer a wide range of chef clothing and general restaurant uniforms. When looking for chef white you should think about what style of chef coat you want to wear, most chefs will choose something they feel cool in than looking the part as the kitchen can become a very hot place after a few hours standing in front of a hot stove. But, what is the purpose of a great chef coat that gets covered up by a traditional bib apron, that’s hanging around the short collar of a chef coat rubbing and irritating the neck of the Chef? An uncomfortable Chef!

A lot of chef’s that I know will fold the top of the bib down, because of the irritation, accentual creating a bistro style apron. They rather sacrifice the chef coat but still have something to whip their hands on and hope they don’t get any spills or splashes, than be uncomfortable. That was the situation until now! I would like to introduce you Top Chefs and aspiring Top Chefs to the Shirpron. It’s a chef coat that gives you the comfort of a chef coat with the protection of an apron, without the neck strap irritating and pulling on your neck.

Essentially, you get the best of both worlds a premium chef coat and apron all in one. Chef Coats and Aprons don’t have to be boring and practical; they can be stylish, comfortable, safe and functional. At Odis Hardin Apparel we are in the business of making chef apparel cutting edge. We understand the important thing to keep in mind when you buy chef coats is that you select stain-resistant, washable, color-fast, no iron fabric, which is breathable and does not shrink, your chefs will be happy and comfortable. When you buy quality chef’s uniforms from Odis Hardin Apparel you don’t have problems of continuous replacement and we are cost effective.
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