Answers to your Shirpron questions

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How does Shirpron work? The apron is designed without a neck strap but does include the QRAD (Quick Release Attachment Detachment) System. The QRAD System is a Velcro attachment mechanism built in the shirt and apron with a single waist surrounding strap for stability, comfort, convenience, style and easy breakaway in the event of an emergency.

Are your Shirprons sold in pairs? Individually.

Can I use the apron without buying the shirt? No! But, the shirt can be used separately from the apron with the AdStrip.

Are your Shirprons comfortable? Yes, unlike traditional bibs aprons that are designed to hang around your neck, we’re the total opposite. We make a product that functions well with the user and doesn’t cause irritation to the back and neck.

What’s the difference between the Shirpron and a traditional bib apron and shirt combination?
We have no yoke (neck strap) that hangs around your neck, like the traditional bib apron. We are the real one size fits all apron and shirt combination. The traditional bib aprons fit some people well and others not so well.

Can someone tell if I’m wearing a Shirpron? Other than your amazingly polished look when wearing both pieces, Yes! No, if you just have on the shirt. The loop and hook material will be covered by the AdStrip (self-fabric), so, for the most part, you will look pretty normal.

How long does the Velcro last?
The Velcro we use is specially designed to last comfortable for the life of the garment, without linting up and becoming fuzzy. You can comfortably expect to get at least 100 washes before our Velcro deteriorates.

Will wearing the Shirpron hurt or damage me? No, the design of the garment is to not hang or pull on your neck. This updated design will be the reason you don’t have a neck and back discomfort.

How much weight can the Shirpron, two and three pocket apron hold?
You can carry as much weight in our garment as you carry in any traditional bib apron. It really is determined by your comfort level on how much weight you carry.

Can the Shirpron be washed in the regular laundry?
Yes! The apron has the hook part of the Velcro, which is rough and can attach to other fabrics if not cover. We have a flap that covers the hook (Velcro) built into our QRAD system just for this reason. Other attaching hook and loop from the QRAD System together, wash as you wash anything else.

What can the Shirpron be used for?
The Shirpron can be used by people who need an apron, anybody that needs their hands free or anybody that is looking for an awesome uniform program.

Are your Shirprons available in snaps, buttons or zippers? No. No. No. Snaps break, buttons fall off and zippers eventually rip and tear. Believe me, we have tried every attachment mechanism possible!

Do I need a different size apron for different size shirts?
No! Our apron is really one-size-fits-all. Our single waist strap is short enough to fit a 26-inch waist and long enough to fit a 63-inch waistline.

What is the warranty on your garment? All of our garments have a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Please see here —> (shipping/ordering info) for return instructions. If for any reason your garment fails after the 7-day period please contact us to inform us of the situation. Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied with your garment, so we will make many accommodations to provide that satisfaction, however, all cases will be handled individually and we may ask to see pictures to determine the best solution.

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