The Lost Years – Of Yeshua the Light of the World is an upcoming film that ventures into the mysterious period of Jesus’s life that the Bible leaves unexplored. The narrative takes a bold and imaginative turn, proposing that Jesus, known here as Yeshua, embarked on an extraordinary journey to the Western Hemisphere during his missing years. This adventure begins in a mystical version of Jerusalem located in Peru, where Yeshua encounters ancient civilizations, spiritual revelations, and untold wonders. As his travels continue, he ventures into the majestic Grand Canyon, a place where time and space intertwine through Egyptian portals capable of time travel. The film masterfully blends elements of historical speculation, adventure, and science fiction, offering a unique perspective on the untold years of one of history’s most revered figures.

The film not only explores Yeshua’s physical journey but also delves into his spiritual and philosophical growth as he interacts with diverse cultures and peoples. In Peru, he learns from ancient sages and participates in rituals that deepen his understanding of the divine and the interconnectedness of all life. The Grand Canyon scenes are particularly striking, depicting encounters with Egyptian time travelers who reveal secrets of the universe and Yeshua’s own destiny. These experiences shape Yeshua’s teachings and his vision of a world united by love and compassion, setting the stage for his eventual return to the Eastern Hemisphere.

In conjunction with the movie, a distinctive shirt has been designed to capture the essence of The Lost Years – Of Yeshua the Light of the World. The front of the shirt features an image of a Black Jesus adorned with a red feather, alongside the provocative statement, “not negro, not black, not African American Indian.” This powerful imagery challenges conventional representations and invites viewers to reconsider historical narratives and cultural identities. The back of the shirt showcases a baby wearing a feather headdress, symbolizing innocence and a connection to indigenous heritage, with a chain outlining the American continent. This apparel serves not only as a promotional item but also as a conversation starter about identity, history, and the reinterpretation of cultural symbols, aligning perfectly with the film’s themes of exploration and enlightenment.