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Introducing our inspiring LEADERS t-shirt, a powerful tribute to American Indian revolutionary leaders who have left an indelible impact on the world. This design showcases influential figures such as Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Tupac Shakur, Muhammad Ali, and George Jackson, highlighting the lessons they taught us about courage, resilience, and the pursuit of justice. As we honor their legacies, this shirt reminds us that the responsibility to be leaders rests upon our own shoulders. Crafted with reverence and style, this T-shirt encourages personal empowerment and calls for individuals to embrace their own leadership potential. Wear it proudly to show your commitment to carrying forward the torch of social change and to inspire others to be the leaders of their own lives. Let’s learn from the remarkable examples set by these visionary figures and strive to create a better future for all.



  • Cut-n-sew|unisex|100% polyester 4.0oz.|Regular fit|Runs true to size

WIDTH/LENGTH (in.) S 19.02|29.02 M 20.51|30.00 L 22.01|30.98 XL 24.02|32.01 2X 25.98|32.99 3X 27.48|34.02



  • Cut-n-sew, unisex|86% poly 14% cotton|Classic fit|White thread color

WIDTH|LENGTH (in.) XS 19.02|27.48 S 20.35|28.74 M 21.73|29.76 L 23.11|30.75 XL 24.49|31.73 2X 25.87|32.99



  • Cut-n-sew|unisex|86% poly 14% cotton|Classic fit|White thread color

WIDTH|LENGTH (in.) XS 20|25 S 21.50|26.61 M 22.99|27.64 L 24.49|29.25 XL 26.50|30.24 2X 28.50|31.89

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