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Introducing an exciting shirt inspired by the animated cartoon ANNUNAKI 6. This New Timeline Film animation explores the story of six extra-extraterrestrial beings known as the Huemans. They originally hail form Earth 10,000 years ago, but live on the planet Niburi in the Sunflower Galaxy, 27 million light years away, in the constellation Canes Venatici. They journey to Earth with a mission to restore peace, harmony, and justice to a world tainted by wickedness and governed by corrupt individuals. Huemans are back to save the earth one more time, after that time the world will experience a 100,000 years of peace and prosperity a new Platinum Age. THE ANNUNAKI 6 animated cartoon is crafted with creativity and style, this shirt celebrates the power of unity, hope, and the potential for positive change. Wear THE ANNUNAKI 6 proudly to inspire conversations, spark imaginations, and promote the belief that humanity has the capacity to create a better world. Let the Huemans¬†serve as a reminder that we each have the ability to be agents of transformation and to stand against injustice, embracing our shared responsibility to cultivate a more harmonious and just society. Together, let’s envision a brighter future and work towards a world that reflects the best of our collective humanity.


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