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Introducing our captivating shirt, inspired by the thought-provoking film THE DAY SINCE BEFORE. This New Timeline Film takes you on a mesmerizing journey following Kross Lightyears from Earth to the enigmatic Planet 9, Nibiru. Discover a stunning revelation as Kross uncovers that Nibiru is not just another planet, but a colossal spaceship traversing the vast expanse of the universe. Crafted with artistic vision and style, this shirt serves as a symbol of exploration and the boundless possibilities of the cosmos. Wear THE DAY SINCE BEFORE proudly to spark conversations about the mysteries of the universe, the potential for interstellar travel, and the inherent curiosity of the human spirit. Let Kross Lightyears inspire you to embrace the unknown and ignite your imagination. Join the journey and embark on an extraordinary adventure through space and time.


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