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Measuring T-Shirts

T-Shirts are measured on a flat work station with the front of the garment facing up. The garment is measured in a relaxed state.

Body Width

The body width is measured approximately 1 inches below the armhole point across the garment from edge to edge.

Body Length

The body length is measured in a straight line from the highest point of the shoulder at the join of the collar to the bottom opening.


The armhole is measured point to point in a straight line from the set-sleeve seam highest point to the bottom point of the armhole.


The shoulder is measured from the set-sleeve seam to the intersection of the collar to the body.

Sleeve Length

The sleeve length is measured from the highest point set-sleeve seam to the sleeve opening.

Sleeve Opening

The sleeve opening is measured along the open edge.

Neck Opening

The neck opening is measured by grasping the collar at the front and back center aligning the shoulder seams and laying the garment flat with the neck seam aligned from front to back. Measure across the straightened edge of the collar by resting the collar edge against the edge of the ruler. This measurement is doubled.

Collar Width

The collar width is measured from the collarette seam to the outer edge of the collarette.