We all know aprons have numerous advantages as they can be worn for hygienic purpose in places like kitchen while cooking and also to protective inner garment from spills and stains by covering front of the body. To prevent the inner clothes from dust, dirt, spills and debris during cooking, serving, cleaning or performing a creative task, apron protects your clothes as protective barrier.

Apron is mostly use for kitchen work. Apron use in restaurants for many purposes but its main purpose is to resist getting spills, stain on your clothes it is also use for cleaning hands because when you work in kitchen you don’t go again and again to wash your hands for immediate purpose you clean your hands with the apron. Today the main purpose of aprons is branding and employee identification.

Aprons also protects you from getting skin allergy and how it protects you because while working you clean hands from apron and this safes you from touching hands on your face. Aprons comes in different designs as some apron manufacturer put stick-on at its back to tide up and some use a small rope. These methods are outdated and unsafe, really!

Half Banner 1Some creative apron manufacturers include two pockets separately to make it different in design and some put one large pockets and give the apron a different design. Apron pocket are very much useful while working in kitchen you keep stuff which you need every time. But as long as you have the same style apron you are basically going to get the same results, a disheveled looking employee in apron that he/she hates wearing and doesn’t feel confident in.

You want to change uniforms for next season? We have a cool restaurant uniform idea that would fit your restaurant concept and your staff needs called the Shirpron.

The Shirpron is the “Comfort of a Shirt with the Protection of an Apron” it has 8 Key Features that make this style of apron and shirt combination truly innovative and better for the user and offers branding for the company on a whole new level.

When employees interact with customers they project an image; an image of themselves and an image of the company they work for. Their appearance is almost as important as the product they are selling. The Shirpron is neat, fashion forward, and has a uniformity quality that is unmatched by what’s available on the market.

The design and style of the garment also has a positive psychological effect. By eliminating the neck strap you also eliminate the sometime negative association of putting the apron on around your neck meaning work time, instead it gives the user a sense of empowerment and ownership in the job they are about to perform by hooking and looping (Velcro).

Your corporate identity and logos will be exposed to the maximum with Shirpron. No neck-straps obstructing the logo on the shirt and the apron serves as a billboard for full branding potential, advertising campaigns and logos.

The garment is designed with our patented QRAD System made of hook and loop material. No more leaving apron is car and at home, the Shirpron is a one in sample garment. Once you put on the shirt you are instantly reminded of your apron!

While the traditional bib apron is designed to hang around your neck and tie around your waist; this design is restrictive and limits mobility. The apron doesn’t function well with users and causes irritation to the back of the neck. This innovative garment combines the protection of an apron with the comfort of a shirt.

Incident Rate Reduction
Most service and restaurant industry employment policies prohibit loosely worn items such as necklaces, loose hair, hoop earrings, etc. Ironically however, it is common for employers that prohibit such items to require their employees to wear loose fitting aprons with neck-straps made of durable materials, increasing the potential for serious accidents.

The ideology behind the breakaway design is to increase workers chances of survival in the event the apron is caught on a moving object, machinery, etc., reducing the potential for OSHA Recordables.

The apron is configured so as to not include a neck strap, but does include a single waist surrounding strap for stability and easy breakaway QRAD (Quick Release Attachment Detachment) System.

Ergonomic Improvement
“You wear the garment, the garment doesn’t wear you.” The weight of a tradition bib apron pulls on the neck by design. This outdated design is the main cause of neck and back discomfort, it can cause injury over long period of time if not addressed properly, according to a study by The National Chiropractors Association.

The design and style of the Shirpron has positive psychological effects. By eliminating the neck straps you also eliminate the negative association that comes with putting the traditional apron means time to work, instead it gives the user the sense of ownership and willingness to perform assigned task by simply attaching the hook to the loop (Velcro) and forgetting they even have on a apron.

The apron is designed without a neck strap, but does include the QRAD (Quick Release Attachment Detachment) System. The QRAD System is a Velcro attachment mechanism built in the shirt and apron with a single waist surrounding strap for stability, comfort, convenience, style and easy breakaway in the event of an emergency.

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