Is there really a need for innovation in aprons and shirt uniforms?

The dictionary defines uniform as “dress of a distinctive design of fashion worn by members of a particular group and serving as a means of identification.” At Odis Hardin Apparel we see it as much, much more. When employees’ interact with a customer they project an image; an image of themselves, and an image of the company. Their appearance is almost as important as their actions. When a person looks good they feel good. They have self-confidence and are proud of what they do. They represent the company better and service the customer better. Odis Hardin with its’ Shirpron is at the height of improving the safety, style, and function for apron users everywhere.

Most companies that require the use a bib apron for their employees as a way to display their corporate brand, using the employee as a billboard. The bib apron also serves a more practical function as well, protection from spills and debris. For the individual that has to wear this apron for an 8, 10, or 12 hour shift, this particular garment, however important it might be, can become a burden to have hanging around neck and is unsafe by today’s standards of workplace safety. Most employment policies prohibit loosely worn items such as necklaces, hoop earrings, etc. Ironically, it is common for employers to require their employees to wear loose fitting aprons with neck straps made of durable materials, increasing the potential for serious accidents. Remember, in most cases, not only does this individual already feel limited by the cards that they have been dealt, they also get to be confined to a bib apron hanging around their necks as a constant reminder of the type of job they are performing.

At Odis Hardin, we believe the user of the bib apron shouldn’t lose ownership of themselves while servicing others, that’s why we developed the Shirpron. Psychologically, the bib apron has pitfalls that haven’t been addressed since its inception, or maybe just maybe there is now a garment that offers everything the standard bib apron strips away, your mobility, comfort, and dignity. There are over 60 million individuals in the service industry that could benefit from a uniform that gives them back ownership of who they are that doesn’t subjugate them to who they have become.


Everything evolves over time, and what better time than now for the evolution of the standard bib apron and shirt combination, a change is on the horizon. Unlike when the design for the original bib apron was made, safety and functionality probably wasn’t high on the designers priority list, they were more concerned with making a garment that blocked spills, debris, and preserves their clothes underneath. This basic principle was fine for twentieth century, but for the twenty first century a new and improved design is needed. Well, the time for change has come, let me introduce you to the future of bib aprons and shirts. We call it the Shirpron; this innovative garment combines the protection of an apron with the comfort of a shirt. Gone is the neck strap, replaced with quick-release hook & loop (Velcro) material as the attachment mechanism. A piece of loop is sewn into the shirt the width of the top of the bib apron and a piece of hook sewn on the inside top of the apron, attached together they make the Shirpron.

The apron is configured so as to not include a neck strap, but does include a single waist straps. The garment is designed with safety, form, and function in mind while permitting ease of detachment and attachment.

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