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BEEN DAT this captivating shirt traces the historical footsteps of the American Indian that faced the challenges of being outgunned, diseased, tricked, and coerced into treaties that led to enslavement as Negros. It unfolds the saga of survival through a civil war, navigating the era of being labeled colored people, and the self-proclaimed pride in blackness during the sixties. The shirt also sheds light on the eighties, when the community was redefine as African Americans, creating a legacy of confusion that persists to this day. Today you get the modern (American Indian) man that just don’t give AF. On the back is a vibrant and thought-provoking statement piece that unravels the chronological history of the resilient aboriginal people of the Americas. From the proud heritage of American Indians to the tumultuous reclassifications, this design encapsulates a powerful narrative of strength, resilience, and the enduring spirit of a mighty people.


Let BEEN DAT be a resounding reminder of the remarkable journey undertaken by a great and mighty people. It boldly declares the struggle, resilience, and ultimate awakening of a community that will realize America is their true home, a place they’ve always been. The design not only tells a gripping story of identity reclamation but also features a visually striking and empowering graphic. Wear your BEEN DAT shirt with pride, showcasing your connection to a rich heritage, and always remember to RMBR the strength that defines this powerful community.




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