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Introducing COLDAYZ, a remarkable tribute to the esteemed Cape Fear Indians of North Carolina. This stylish shirt features a captivating design showcasing Michael Jordan, an American Indian hailing from the region that symbolize the rich culture and historical significance of this vibrant tribe. Crafted with lightweight and breathable fabric, this T-shirt is perfect for summer styling. Wear it proudly to express your admiration for the Cape Fear Indians and their enduring legacy. With “Coldayz,” we’re not just selling T-shirts; we’re weaving tales of heritage and celebrating the stories that shape our shared history. Embrace the opportunity to honor the Cape Fear Indians and their cultural contributions, showcasing your appreciation and respect through this exceptional shirt.



  • Cut-n-sew|unisex|100% polyester 4.0oz.|Regular fit|Runs true to size

WIDTH/LENGTH (in.) S 19.02|29.02 M 20.51|30.00 L 22.01|30.98 XL 24.02|32.01 2X 25.98|32.99 3X 27.48|34.02



  • Cut-n-sew, unisex|86% poly 14% cotton|Classic fit|White thread color

WIDTH|LENGTH (in.) XS 19.02|27.48 S 20.35|28.74 M 21.73|29.76 L 23.11|30.75 XL 24.49|31.73 2X 25.87|32.99

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