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Available in 3 canvas size


The FEATHER FOREVER 2 encapsulates the inherent complexities and conflicts that arise when two vastly different cultures collide, intertwining their destinies. This movie poster artwork speaks to the bittersweet nature of a love that was marred by the deep-rooted misunderstandings and prejudices that permeated the relationship between the Aboriginal people and the Colonizers. This sequel to “Feather ForeverThe Aboriginals,” delves into how the west was really won, through deception, tricks and one-sided treaties in “Feather Forever 2The Homesteaders.” It serves as a testament to the immense toll that cultural differences, power imbalances, and systemic oppression can have on the bonds of love and connection. Feel the weight of historical injustice as the colonizers disrupt the harmonious existence of indigenous communities, imposing their dominance on the sacred lands and tearing apart the fabric of native cultures. FEATHER FOREVER 2 serves as a canvas, depicting the struggle against prejudice, discrimination, and the systematic erasure of American Indian heritage.


  • Matte Canvas, Stretched, 0.75″

  • Back hanging included

  • Soft rubber dots on bottom back corners for support

  • Frame made with radial pine sourced from renewable forests

  • Cotton and polyester canvas composite with a special proprietary coating

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