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Introducing our empowering I AM shirt, a heartfelt tribute to the American Indians who were the aboriginal peoples of America and whose rich heritage goes beyond the stereotypes.The statement I AM refers to so-called Black American being American Indian, not Native American (Mongolian), $5 Indian (White people who brought their identity) or African-American (Black Americans with a American Indian lineage). Most so-called African Americans have a origin story of being American Indian that the elders would tell them, hence the saying “Grandma said, we Indians”. This design challenges common misconceptions by acknowledging that not all American Indians lived in teepees, had totem poles, or adhered to a herd mentality. Crafted with respect and style, this shirt celebrates the diverse cultures, traditions, and ways of life of the indigenous peoples of America. Wear it proudly to challenge stereotypes, spark conversations, and pay homage to the resilience and contributions of American Indian communities. Let I AM serve as a reminder that the history and heritage of American Indians are deep and varied, deserving of recognition and appreciation. Together, let’s honor and celebrate the unique tapestry of indigenous cultures that have shaped and continue to enrich our nation.




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