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Get ready to make a statement in JUSTICE, with the “R” logo colored multiculturally, a powerhouse of empowerment and resilience that’ll have you turning heads and sparking conversations! This isn’t just any top; it’s a bold declaration, featuring the phrase “Never lost a fake friend I truly needed” proudly displayed on the sleeve, because who needs negativity when you’re embracing your power? Now, let’s talk values – because we believe in not just making a statement but in doing so with respect and dignity. We’re all about promoting inclusivity, self-acceptance, and the natural beauty that makes each of us unique. Our America embraces and celebrates all skin tones. Rock something dope, that not only makes you look good but feel good. JUSTICE is available in a long-sleeve and hoodie version, too! We choose to make you feel good about embracing diversity in people, places and cultures that make our world so incredibly vibrant.


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