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The MELUNGEONS are people of mixed ethnicity who claim varying degrees of Portuguese, Turkish, Moorish, Arabic, Jewish, American Indian and African descent. Typically, the term Melungeon refers to people from eastern Kentucky, southwestern Virginia, eastern Tennessee and southern West Virginia. A related mixed-ancestry populations also include the Carmel Indians of southern Ohio; the Brown People of Kentucky; the Guineas of West Virginia; the We-Sorts of Maryland; the Nanticoke-Moors of Delaware; the Cubans and Portuguese of North Carolina; the Turks and Brass Ankles of South Carolina; and the Creoles and Redbones of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Now, step into the realm of timeless style with our MELUNGEON shirt – a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and the rich heritage of American Indian & Black American cultures. Whether you choose the classic t-shirt, the versatile long-sleeve, or the cozy hoodie, each piece is a testament to the enduring legacy that weaves through American traditions. Take a closer look at the distinctive triangular pyramid space adorning the neck – a subtle yet powerful element inspired by sacred geometry. This element symbolizes balance and harmony, your head sets a top it’s peak, serving as representation of the interconnectedness of earth, sky, and spirit in you, if you pay attention! The horizontal stripes are more than just a pattern – they are a nod to the timeless symbolism of stripes in American culture, the good and the bad. I reckon, just like threads connecting generations these stripes visually pay homage to the enduring legacies, stories and wisdom passed down through the ole’ folks.


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