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Introducing our remarkable COOL BREEZE¬†tribute t-shirt, a powerful design that pays homage to the Pamunkey Tribe of Virginia, with a special tribute to Chris Brown as a tribe leader. The front of the shirt showcases an inspiring portrayal of Chris Brown as a Pamunkey Tribe leader, representing strength, resilience, and cultural pride. On the back, a captivating graphic of the fictional Pamunkey Wheel & Tire Shop symbolizes the tribe’s enduring spirit and connection to their to the region. This T-shirt is crafted with comfort and style in mind, serving as a symbol of unity, cultural appreciation, and artistic brilliance. Wear it proudly to celebrate the rich legacy of the Pamunkey Tribe and honor Chris Brown’s connection to their ancestral lineage.



  • Cut-n-sew|unisex|100% polyester 4.0oz.|Regular fit|Runs true to size

WIDTH/LENGTH (in.) S 19.02|29.02 M 20.51|30.00 L 22.01|30.98 XL 24.02|32.01 2X 25.98|32.99 3X 27.48|34.02



  • Cut-n-sew, unisex|86% poly 14% cotton|Classic fit|White thread color

WIDTH|LENGTH (in.) XS 19.02|27.48 S 20.35|28.74 M 21.73|29.76 L 23.11|30.75 XL 24.49|31.73 2X 25.87|32.99

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