Introducing our compelling UNITED SNAKES print, an evocative design that plunges into the depths of history and critiques the intricate web of US policies. Unveiling the dual nature of these policies, the artwork on the back boldly features an ad for Trump & Biden Tattlesnakes Farms, portraying two snakes sharing one body — one head representing lies and the other head symbolizing deceit.

This design serves as a visceral critique, shedding light on the tendency of US government policies to prioritize the interests of the government over those of its citizens. The stark imagery symbolizes a political landscape where deception and falsehood intertwine, weaving a narrative that questions the very foundations of justice. It lays bare the reality that justice often favors the privileged, leaving those without privilege to confront systemic challenges.

Meticulously crafted with intention and a keen sense of style, this print serves as a catalyst for profound conversations about social inequality, political disillusionment, and the urgent need for greater accountability in governance. Wearing it becomes an act of defiance, inspiring critical thinking, fostering dialogue, and promoting awareness of the intricate complexities within our society. Let the UNITED SNAKES print be a call to action, urging us to collectively strive for a more just and equitable future for all.